Rapid and Accurate Testing of Hops and Hop Products

Knowing the oil content of each bale of hops ensures consistent hop flavour characteristics for brewers

Testing the oil content of hops ensures consistent quality for brewers

Alpha and Beta Acids, HSI, Moisture, and Oil in Hops

The female flowers - or 'cones' - on hop vines are rich in terpenoid essential oils and terpenophenolic resins. These compounds give hops their characteristic bitter flavour, and also impart a wide range of distinctive aromas.

The alpha and beta acids (such as cohumulone, adhumulone, colupulone and adlupulone), moisture, Hop Storage Index, and oil content varies between varieties and within specific varieties (depending on factors such as seasonal growing conditions, drying methods, and the point at which the hops are harvested).

Rapid Hop Analysis Using A Handheld NIR Instrument

Click here to see an example report for a sample of dried hops, analysed using Sagitto's hand-held NIR instrument.

How To Build Better Calibration Models for Hops

Click here to read about calibration models developed for a PerkinElmer DA7250 NIR instrument, as part of a pre-purchase evaluation exercise conducted by a large hops producer.