Measurements Made Better
by combining near-infrared spectroscopy with machine learning.

AI meets spectroscopy

Sagitto helps its customers to take advantage of the power of modern AI techniques. We are experts at building sophisticated machine learning models for use with NIR and FT-NIR spectrometers - from high-end benchtop instruments all the way down to tiny chip-scale spectral sensors.

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Sagitto is expert at building accurate calibration models for spectroscopy instruments

Hitting The Target

Every manufacturing business is faced with the same challenge: managing variability in its operations. Whether it's sorting textiles or carpets for recycling, choosing the optimum blends of hops, kava, or essential oils, or confirming that product composition meets standards, Sagitto can help.

Examples of measurements that Sagitto customers are making include:

  • the fibre composition of textiles
  • the fibre composition of carpets
  • alpha and beta acid composition, HSI, oil and moisture content of hops
  • kavalactone concentrations in kava powder
  • composition and authenticity of essential oils
  • and many more.