Data Science As A Service
We make the difficult seem easy, so that our customers can focus on what matters most: getting accurate and reliable results.

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Sagitto helps its customers to take advantage of powerful data science techniques, such as machine learning. We can apply these techniques to data from a wide variety of sources - not just data from NIR instruments. Regardless of the Hardware Option or Account Option chosen, Sagitto clients can subscribe to one of the following optional service plans in which Sagitto's data science team provides Data Mining, Data Modelling, System Customisation and System Documentation.

Service Plans

Service Plan 1
Up to 4 hours/month
$950.00 per month

Service Plan 2
Up to 8 hours/month
$1,750.00 per month

Service Plan 3
Up to 12 hours/month
$2,500.00 per month

Service Plan 4
Up to 20 hours/month
$3,500 per month

All prices are in US$

Tracking Time By The Minute

Our Data Science consultants track every minute of their time when they are working on your data, using Toggl. The users that you have appointed as Sagitto Account Administrators can find out how these hours have been used, whenever they wish. Toggl is integrated into the Sagitto system, and your Account Administrators can access it directly from the Sagitto website by selecting Support > Service Plan Hours.

Unused Hours

Your requirements for data science assistance from Sagitto is likely to be 'lumpy' - some months there will be a new model to build, or new data to process. Other times there might be nothing that needs changing. Don't worry: we understand this, and our Service Plans are very flexible. Unused hours don't expire - at the end of each month, a maximum of 40 unused hours may be carried forward to future months.

How Many Hours Will I Need?

You can switch from one Service Plan to another at any time, provided you give Sagitto one month’s prior notice. We suggest that you start with Service Plan 2, and see how that works for you. (We can do a lot of work for you in 8 hours!)