Sagitto Pre-Paid Credits

All prices are in US$

If you have a Sagitto Pay-As-You-Go Account, then at some point you will need to purchase more credits. And model owners, such as Enterprise Accounts , can elect to sell access to their models on a per-prediction basis to other Sagitto users. (Sagitto collects these fees on behalf of the model owners, and pays the model owners after deducting our commission.)

Sagitto credits can be purchased by credit card, in which case they are available immediately. Users also have the option of requesting that Sagitto invoice them for payment. Payment for such invoices is due on receipt of the emailed invoice.

Sagitto credits that you purchase have no expiry date.

Credit Card Payment

100 credits
$0.69c per credit

300 credits
$0.58c per credit

750 credits
$0.46c per credit

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Invoiced Accounts

1,000 credits
$0.45c per credit

2,000 credits
$0.43c per credit

4,000 credits
$0.34c per credit

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