Feasibility Studies
Our experience will help you innovate faster

Sagitto has developed many applications of NIR spectroscopy from the ground up - taking them from concepts through to successful models - and this expertise is available to our customers. Not only can we help choose the right Hardware Option and do the Data Science, including potentially making use of related existing data, but we can also define the optimal scanning-procedures for using the hardware and even perform the initial development steps on our customers' behalf, in the form of Iterative Experiments.

Iterative Experiments

Often our customers wish to apply spectroscopy in novel and innovative ways, and there can be some initial uncertainty about how well the technology will work for their particular problem. As a small and very agile team, we don't hesitate to 'roll up our sleeves' and conduct experiments and feasibility studies in partnership with our customers: sometimes the only way to find out if a particular approach is going to be successful is to give it a go. We make sure that such experiments are conducted swiftly and in an iterative way - gathering spectral data in small steps, building initial models, examining their results, refining the process, and repeating - so that the cost of failure is minimized and the chance of success is maximized.

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Developing Standard Operating Procedures

A machine-learning model can only be as good as the data it is given: in spectroscopy, it is important to follow a consistent procedure in preparing your samples and presenting them to the scanner. Sagitto helps all our users - whether or not we're performing experiments on their behalf - to develop Standard Operating Procedures and we actively support them to ensure that they get the most accurate results possible.

Our best-practice procedures make use of what we've learned from many past applications - including handling liquids, powdered materials, and high-value samples.