Crops, Hops, and Kava

There are a wide range of potential applications for the Sagitto system. For example, Sagitto can be used to quickly measure key parameters in a wide variety of hydroponic and outdoor crops, through a rapid scan of plant material. And plant breeders are using it to speed their trials and identify valuable new phenotypes faster.

New Zealand has an extensive hop breeding history that has created hops with unique flavour characteristics

New Zealand hops, ripening in sunny Nelson

Alpha and Beta Acids, Moisture, and Oil in Hops

The female flowers - or 'cones' - on hop vines are rich in terpenoid essential oils and terpenophenolic resins. These compounds give hops their characteristic bitter flavour, and also impart a wide range of distinctive aromas.

The alpha and beta acids (such as cohumulone, adhumulone, colupulone and adlupulone), moisture, Hop Storage Index, and oil content varies between varieties and within specific varieties (depending on factors such as seasonal growing conditions, drying methods, and the point at which the hops are harvested.)

Click here to see an example model developed for Hop Products Australia.

"Sagitto’s system of miniaturised, portable NIR, paired with their data science service has presented HPA with the opportunity to reduce turnaround times for sample analysis, and will significantly reduce the use of organic solvent for the brewing industry standard hop acid analyses required to manage harvest and processing of our hops. With Sagitto’s data science service the predictive models are living entities, which allows us smoothly integrate model maintenance into our calibration system so that the analytical output is of equivalent quality to established brewing industry standard methods of analysis. Sagitto have demonstrated quality, flexibility and awesome turnaround times for model generation and revision. "
Dr Simon Whittock, Hop Products Australia

Kava Powder

Sagitto is proud to have helped its customer Kavalytics to develop an exciting new way for growers, merchants and exporters of kava to implement quality control and traceability through the kava value chain. Learn more about the innovative Kavalytics system, and its role in supporting the growth of the South Pacific kava industry, by downloading the Kavalytics white paper here.

"As an early adopter of this technology for use in Fiji, it has dovetailed very well with our quality control approach. Kavalytics has taken our Kava business to whole new level and provide immediate data feedback to enable us to find good beverage grade kava.
Sagitto, you are driving better quality and higher standards with Kavalytics and the future is here. Thank you."
John Sanday, Director/Owner at Kava Korporesen (Fiji) Limited,

Make sure that you're drinking quality kava.
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Make sure that you're drinking quality kava.