This report was generated by Sagitto Ltd for KavaLytics.

Model: Kavalactones in Kava Roots, version 5.2.0

Date / Time (NZT): 26/04/2020, 4:32:26 pm

Note that this model does not analyse the sample for microbial or foreign matter contamination.

SampleStandard Savusavu Kava
Date / Time26/04/2020, 4:32:26 pm
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Predicted Kava TypeBeverage Grade
Confidence in Predicted Kava Type100%
Chemotype4-2-3 Chemotype
Predicted Total Kavalactones6.5%
Predicted Moisture5.4%
Predicted Desmethoxyyangonin0.59%
Predicted Dihydrokavain1.38%
Predicted Yangonin1.15%
Predicted Kavain1.63%
Predicted Dihydromethysticin0.76%
Predicted Methysticin1.04%
Predicted Total Flavokavainsnull%
Anomaly Score (Error Threshold = 1.0)0.63
Anomaly Message

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