Account Options
From individuals to large corporations, Sagitto has an account option to match your needs.

Explorer Account Designed for low volume or
experimental prediction needs.

Our goal is to make NIR spectroscopy affordable for everyone. Our Explorer Account will get you up and running quickly, so that you can start to explore the potential for NIR spectroscopy in your particular area of interest:

  • up to 5 demonstration models
  • up to 3 Users (1 Administrator)
  • unlimited numbers of predictions,
    at 10 Sagitto Credits per prediction
  • an initial 500 free credits

from US$500.00*
Corporate Account Designed for high volume
and frequent prediction needs.

Corporate Accounts offer better value for frequent and high-volume prediction needs. This account also allows you to have multiple Sagitto spectrometers all sharing the same models, and gathering new training data. If you start with an Explorer Account, at any time you can easily upgrade to a Corporate Account:

  • up to 25 Predictive Models
  • up to 10 Users (2 Administrators)
  • unlimited numbers of predictions
  • API for integration with your IT systems
  • (optional extra - ask for price quote)
    realtime interactive Dashboard
from US$2,500/month
Enterprise Account Designed for enterprises that
wish to reach new markets.

Enterprise accounts can have:

  • unlimited numbers of Predictive Models
  • unlimited numbers of Users
  • up to 5 Administrative Users
  • unlimited numbers of predictions
  • option to charge Users per prediction
  • white label option with your brand

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All accounts come with the option to access Sagitto's data science expertise via an additional Data Science Service Plan.

* $500 Explorer Account pricing requires purchase of at least one Sagitto spectrometer.