Account Options
From individuals to large corporations, Sagitto has an account option to match your needs.

Explorer Account Designed for low volume or
experimental prediction needs.

Our goal is to make NIR spectroscopy affordable for everyone. Our Explorer Account will get you up and running quickly. Make predictions as often or as seldom as you wish, with a securely encased spectrometer and proper NIR reflectance material :-

  • up to 5 Predictive Models
  • up to 3 Users (1 Administrator)
  • unlimited numbers of predictions,
    at 10 Sagitto Credits per prediction
  • 4 hours of data science services, during which we guarantee to develop at least one model.
  • an initial 500 credits
Free (with each Sagitto spectrometer)
Otherwise $500
Corporate Account Designed for high volume
and frequent prediction needs.

Corporate Accounts offer better value for frequent and high-volume prediction needs. This account also allows you to have multiple Sagitto spectrometers all sharing the same models, and gathering new training data. If you start with an Explorer Account, at any time you can easily upgrade to a Corporate Account to get better value :-

  • up to 25 Predictive Models
  • up to 10 Users
  • 1 Administrative User
  • unlimited numbers of predictions

Enterprise Account Designed for enterprises that
wish to reach new markets.

Enterprise accounts can have:-

Contact Sagitto Sales

All accounts come with the option to access Sagitto's data science expertise via an additional Data Science Service Plan.

Offer to DLP® NIRscan™ Nano EVM Users

If you don't have a Sagitto spectrometer but have a DLP® NIRscan™ Nano EVM evaluation module then you are welcome to register on the Sagitto website and request access to the free Sagitto Demonstration Account. We'll then give you an initial 200 credits that will allow you to use your EVM to experiment with Sagitto's demonstration models, such as the fabric composition model.

If you'd like us to build new models based on your data, then we'd be happy to do so. Contact us for more details about opening an account with Sagitto and our flexible Data Science Service Plans.

Note : each Explorer Account owner is offered a free case for the DLP® NIRscan™ Nano evaluation module ('EVM') to not only protect the electronic circuitry, but also to provide stability during use. We supply the case with a free small block of high-quality sintered teflon NIR reflective material, so that users can scan samples in (for example) plastic zip-lock bags, after first taking a new reference scan of the plastic material.